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Machine Learning is going to impact and permeate most aspects of a company’s operations, products, and services. To succeed in implementing and incorporating AI and Machine Learning technologies, companies need to take a more holistic approach toward retraining their workforces. This will be an ongoing endeavor as research results continue to be translated into practical systems that companies can use. Individuals and teams will need to learn continuously new skills as technologies evolve.


Data Science

  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Statistics
  • Algorithmic
  • Graph theory...

Data Engineering

  • ETL Pipelines
  • Data Warehousing
  • Relational Databases and query optimization
  • Infrastructure as Code (AWS CloudFormation, Ansible)
  • Big Data
  • Automated testing...


  • Data versionning
  • Application packaging
  • Model deployment (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Monitoring...


William Jaubert

"I didn't think I could reach a Data Scientist position right after a Finance & Management major in college. The technical skills I gained through the program in such a short time have made this a reality. Thank you! 🙂"

William Jaubert, Data Scientist @ Artefact

Eva Artusi

"Such a great experience! Florent and Edouard gave me the basic knowledge and the impulsion I needed to start my Ph.D. thesis with solid foundations. Thanks again!"

Eva Artusi, PhD student in AI @ Naval Group

Alaric d'Agrain

"The time I gained with nibble for acquiring the Data Science and Machine Learning skills I use daily at work is invaluable. The pleasant atmosphere during the training sessions was just a bonus!"

Alaric d'Agrain, Data Analyst @ CDiscount

Customized Training

We also provide customized training to meet your specific needs. Let’s discuss on what will benefit your organization the most.

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