We're on a mission.

We want to make data science more useful.

Although tremendous improvements have been made in data science and artificial intelligence research, these are not yet delivering enough value for most organisations. This will be one of the industry's biggest challenge, and we are here to help.

Our story

We founded nibble in early 2018 with one clear goal:

Make Data Science no longer a cost center, but a profit center.

After years of experience in the entrepreneurial, industrial and technologic landscapes where we have sharpened our understanding of the problems — whether technical or organizational — emerging in AI and Data-related departments, we understood that our expertise could help improve operations for hundreds of corporations.

Our background of engineers and entrepreneurs provides us with a vast spectrum of key skills applicable to the Data environment. We thrive in technical and scientific environments (programming, data engineering, data science, mathematics, devops,...) but also in non-technical fields such as business, finance and product development/management.

We deliver our value via three main channels:

  • Consulting
  • We offer our technical expertise to help industries and management consulting firms to solve their challenges. The numerous discussions we have with our professional network give us an insightful view of the organizational and technical changes required to succeed in Data Science projects.

  • Training
  • Our training activities allow us to educate people on the fundamentals behind Data Science, and most importantly how to work on any kind of Data project with an operationalization perspective from day 1. Our trainees come from different backgrounds, from college students to engineers and researchers of big corporations such as Criteo, Artefact, Thales or Naval Group.

  • Product Development / Software Engineering
  • Being lovers of technology, we enjoy solving problems through software and tech products. Whether it is by building tools to enhance productivity of Data workers, or developping a custom software to solve a specific Data Engineering problem in an industrial corporation, we are committed to bring the best practices of Software Engineering to the Data landscape, starting from our own creations.

We also organize monthly private events with people working in Data-related fields. These events allow us to deepen our understanding of the challenges encountered by most companies, and help people connect with each other to solve their problems more quickly. To this end, we have also launched the Meetup group MLOps Paris where we organize talks and workshops to share knowledge and best practices among the Data community.

Florent Piétot

Data Science, Research, Product & Marketing

Edouard Theron

Data Engineering, IT Operations, Finance & Sales

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